Take a trip anywhere, by land, sea or air. It can be vacation travel, business travel, solo travel, group travel, adventure travel – it doesn’t matter! Road trip with friends to Las Vegas? Perfect. Mediterranean cruise? Perfect. Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic? Perfect!


Snap fun photos as you normally would. Send them to a special email address we give you, and you’ll get an instant reply with a unique link to share them on social media (like you know you’ll do anyway. 🙂 ). All from your phone, on the fly, from anywhere in the world!


When people click on your shares, they’ll see your photos beautifully displayed on this site, along with your affiliate link to our travel club. If they join, you’ll earn $20 – $350 commissions, plus travel points! We handle all the marketing while you enjoy your travels. 🙂

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